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10 Fiery Muhammad Ali Quotes

10 Fiery Muhammad Ali Quotes In 1964, when  Cassius Clay took on the indefatigable Sonny Liston, nobody realized that a star was born. Cassius Clay had just shaken up the world with his fighting spirit. Not that he was painfully shy about his talent. His announcement to the press just before his winning bout with Sonny Liston that he was the greatest failed to strike a chord with many  skeptics. In fact, his over-the-top arrogance tinged with narcissism made the world wary of this new wannabe. The Megalomania of Muhammad Ali: The Worlds Greatest Sports Star Just before the fight, Cassius  Clay aimed several taunts at the seasoned and dominating Liston, perhaps to intimidate his opponent. He shouted at Liston saying, Someone is going to die at ringside tonight. That evening would probably be the most unforgettable event for many boxing enthusiasts for two reasons. One, they saw a reigning heavyweight boxing champion go down. Two, a 22-year-old underdog with a motormouth and a fetish for trash-talking had just made history. Cassius Clay, who became known as Muhammad Ali after he changed his religion, took the world by storm. Each time Muhammad Ali won, he reminded the world that he was the greatest. He didnt say that he was the best, strongest, finest, or richest. He declared, I am the greatest! He pronounced it with  Ãƒ ©lan. He could work up a frenzy in the ring and announce his greatness to the world. Never before had anyone seen a sports figure so brazen, so in-your-face, and so brutally honest. When Muhammad Ali Went Against the US Government Most sports fan admire Muhammad Ali as the greatest boxer that ever lived. He took on many fights inside the ring and outside the ring. Those that he fought inside the ring were easy matches. He literally called the shots there. However, the ones he fought outside the ring were the toughest fights he ever had. Most of them were against the establishment. The man who could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee often got on the wrong side of the ruling class. His vitriolic statements sent the press into a tizzy. His witty comebacks and sarcasm pushed buttons of many a politician. When asked about whether he would serve in the army for the Vietnam War, he cockily replied,   Man, I aint got no quarrel with them Viet Cong. No Vietcong ever called me n****r. He had an uncanny sense of humor, a quick temper, a big mouth, and a soft heart. One of his wicked comments that often grab headlines is: I am America. I am the part you wont recognize, but get used to me. Black, confident, cocky. My name, not yours. My religion, not yours. My goals, my own. Get used to me.   Ali once said, Allah is the greatest. Im just the greatest boxer. And indeed, he was. As three times winner of the linear world heavyweight championship, a title held by no other boxer, Muhammad Ali was a nightmare for his opponents. He was awarded the Sportsman of the Century by the BBC and Sports Illustrated magazine in 1999. Muhammad Ali Never Minced His Words: 10 Quotes Prove His Indomitable Spirit Muhammad Ali was not just one of the greatest sporting icons that ever lived, he was also a great orator. Some of his quotes are legendary.  These 10 reveal what it takes to have a winning attitude. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands cant hit what his eyes cant see. Now you see me, now you dont. George thinks he will, but I know he wont. These words made one of the best quotes in sporting history. Ali spoke these words just  before his fight with George Foreman in 1974. These words catapulted Muhammad Ali to instant fame.   Its lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself. You think I was shocked when Nixon resigned? Wait till I whup George Foremans behind. I done something new for this fight, I done tassled with an alligator! Thats right. I have tassled with an alligator! I done tussled with a whale! I done handcuffed lightning, throwed thunder in jail! Only last week I murdered a rock, injured a stone. Hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean I make medicine sick. Champions arent made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: a desire, a dream, a vision. If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make something out of you. If you ever dream of beating me... you better wake up and apologize. Joes gonna be smokin an I aint even jokin but Ill be peckin and a pokin and Ill pour water on that smokin. Now this might astound and amaze ya but I will destroy Jo Frazier. There are two things that are hard to hit and see, thats a spooky ghost and Muhammed Ali. Like The Beatles, there will never be anything like them. Like my man, Elvis Presley. I was the Elvis of boxing. Im not the greatest, Im the double greatest. Not only do I knock em out, I pick the round. Im the boldest, the prettiest, the most superior, most scientific, most skilfullest fighter in the ring today.

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Spooky Scenes from Classic Literature

Spooky Scenes from Classic Literature If you need inspiration for this years Halloween reading selections, look no further than these eerie teases from classic literature.   â€Å"A Rose for Emily† (1930) by William Faulkner â€Å"Already we knew that there was one room in that region above stairs which no one had seen in forty years, and which would have to be forced. They waited until Miss Emily was decently in the ground before they opened it. The violence of breaking down the door seemed to fill this room with pervading dust. A thin, acrid pall as of the tomb seemed to lie everywhere upon this room decked and furnished as for a bridal: upon the valance curtains of faded rose color, upon the rose-shaded lights, upon the dressing table, upon the delicate array of crystal and the mans toilet things backed with tarnished silver, silver so tarnished that the monogram was obscured. Among them lay a collar and tie, as if they had just been removed, which, lifted, left upon the surface a pale crescent in the dust. Upon a chair hung the suit, carefully folded; beneath it the two mute shoes and the discarded socks.† â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart† (1843) by Edgar Allan Poe â€Å"It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night. Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and so by degrees very gradually I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.† The Haunting of Hill House (1959) by Shirley Jackson â€Å"No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.† The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820) by Washington Irving On mounting a rising ground, which brought the figure of his fellow-traveller in relief against the sky, gigantic in height, and muffled in a cloak, Ichabod was horror-struck on perceiving that he was headless!but his horror was still more increased on observing that the head, which should have rested on his shoulders, was carried before him on the pommel of his saddle! (1898) by Henry James â€Å"It was as if, while I took in – what I did take in – all the rest of the scene had been stricken with death. I can hear again, as I write, the intense hush in which the sounds of evening dropped. The rooks stopped cawing in the golden sky, and the friendly hour lost, for the minute, all its voice. But there was no other change in nature, unless indeed it were a change that I saw with a stranger sharpness. The gold was still in the sky, the clearness in the air, and the man who looked at me over the battlements was as definite as a picture in a frame. Thats how I thought, with extraordinary quickness, of each person that he might have been and that he was not. We were confronted across our distance quite long enough for me to ask myself with intensity who then he was and to feel, as an effect of my inability to say, a wonder that in a few instants more became intense.† (1838) by Edgar Allan Poe â€Å"A sullen darkness now hovered above us- but from out the milky depths of the ocean a luminous glare arose, and stole up along the bulwarks of the boat. We were nearly overwhelmed by the white ashy shower which settled upon us and upon the canoe, but melted into the water as it fell. The summit of the cataract was utterly lost in the dimness and the distance. Yet we were evidently approaching it with a hideous velocity. At intervals there were visible in it wide, yawning, but momentary rents, and from out these rents, within which was a chaos of flitting and indistinct images, there came rushing and mighty, but soundless winds, tearing up the enkindled ocean in their course.†

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Journey of life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Journey of life - Essay Example Each family member is supportive of each other’s needs as evidenced by frequent interaction and meeting, communication, and eating together. Ever since I can remember, as a young child, we were taught to respect the older members of the family. Every member can help other one without asking to return the favor. I have therefore been brought up to show love, support, and concern for each family member and as such, the bonds we shared have continued to be strong as all siblings went through the various developmental stages. The relationships that have been established during my lifetime consisted of forming friendships in school and within the neighborhood. My parents have reminded me to choose my friends carefully since some people could make bad influences in one’s life through the activities that are shared and undertaken. Therefore, I learned to be selective of friends who make my life better through sharing productive activities and experiences that enhance learning, knowledge and assist in the development of skills and abilities. The friends developed during school years have become my constant circle of friends whom I get to interact with frequently as we all make memorable events that became basis for productive learning. From the time that I transferred and pursued my studies in the United States, the circle of friends grew larger as it comprised of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I therefore realized that the wealth of knowledge gained from sharing experiences with diverse pe ople is more enriching and rewarding. For me the school provided the most significant impact in my life, second to my family. So far, school activities have been a positive experience since I was a very young child, until the present times. Academic events include complying with academic project, assignments, group works, joining extra-curricular activities, among others. I realized, early on, that by performing well

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Analysis Of Business Environment For Coca-Cola Company Research Paper

Analysis Of Business Environment For Coca-Cola Company - Research Paper Example The company can minimize weaknesses and fight threats to improve financial and training systems and undertake staff motivational initiatives to minimize risks associated with new markets and increase competitive advantage as well as constantly build expertise in the firm to minimize chances of the firm undertaking risky business internationally such as the experiences seen during the global financial crisis. Also, technological advancements in the industry may be useful to increase competition. Using SWOT analysis, the company should be able to focus on its strengths, curtail threats, and take the utmost possible gain of opportunities available, and trigger aggressive strategy formulation. The firm has a better understanding of its competitors which can provide insights to craft a coherent and successful competitive position. To maintain and/or increase customer loyalty, the company should employ strategies that jealously guard its existing market share and also explore ways of expan ding the customer base to grow revenue and increase business performance. Product differentiation based on customer segments is one of the strategies the company can use. The company should also explore the strengths and limitations of its competitors by interrogating the soft spots of alternative products to strengthen its products. Other strategies may include going an extra mile to know its customers better, meet and exceed customer expectations, increase value derived by customers from its products.

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Terrorism and the Pursuit of God Essay example -- War Terror Essays

Terrorism and the Pursuit of God To set out on a suicide mission, to willingly kill thousands of civilians seems unfathomable for many Americans in the wake of the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Why would anyone do something like that? The answer from many sources has been: religion. More specifically, many people are blaming the Islamic religion, the religion that the hijackers are suspected to adhere to, claiming that Islam reveres its martyrs and sanctions war. But the answer is much more complicated than this, and a look at religion and technology can help get a clearer picture of Islam and the events of September 11. Karen Armstrong, in her book The Battle for God, claims that nearly all religions have a sect of â€Å"fundamentalists,† or what some have called â€Å"extremists,† who feel it their duty to rebel against the recent global cultural shift toward secular humanist precepts. Christian fundamentalists have blown up abortion clinics in America; Muslim fundamentalists have committed acts of terrorism. It wasn’t always like this. In the premodern era, according to...

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Project Scope Document CorinaFournier Essay

Genrays is currently benefitting from a newly consolidated financial, logistics and purchasing system, which has also created an unexpected return of investment. Genrays’ senior management strongly believes that a consolidated HR system will have similar benefits, such as business productivity and cost reduction. The current environment is decentralized and includes manual processes, in such way that HR has a physical presence within each building, in order to manage payroll and additional duties. The primary benefits of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) include: employee database consolidation into one solution, along with payroll, career advancement plan, performance evaluations, hiring process and more. The utilization of LDAP for the employee directory will ensure that information about employees such as phone, email, department and office location is updated. The automation process will start with the recruitment of talent from the up-to-date database. Existing and future employees will  have the ability to research available jobs on the Intranet or company website. Payroll will be automated to empower employees to make changes to benefit deductions as well as manage time off requests electronically. The updates of timecards will also be done by employees, through a self-service portal. This process will get automated via a business workflow, where the manager will automatically get notified of HR/payroll changes of their direct reports. The new system will also address a major concern- the ability for employees to take fractional time off during a workday. Performance reviews, also managed through HRIS will deliver a clear, wide-ranging solution for employee evaluations, where the score assigned by the manager will connect to the payroll function and automatically apply the salary change. The career advancement plan will also be addressed as part of HRIS, where an employee career’s path is tied into training and certifications related to either a specific job or future career targets. The data consolidation component is a critical task, which entails the migration of all distributed paper or electronic HR files into HRIS. The project team leaders will plan for staff training and discuss the switchover to IT for post-production technical support and Training department for application functionality questions. Customer Requirements The management team at Genrays requires the following: automation of job applications through company website in order to enable progress tracking; automation of employment application assessment; recruiting expansion to interns at college campuses or job fairs; enablement of existing employees to grow based on revamped training; automate reimbursement, timesheet & employee benefit change process to avoid double data entry and human error; automate attendance tracking by using system time clock-ins/outs; process improvement associated with performance appraisals and employee career goals; centralize all company payrolls to the HR department; set standards (description and pay scale) for specific job descriptions in Manufacturing; set standards for compliance for employee communication on forms and notices and consolidate system databases into one. Statement of Work The project team will implement a comprehensive HRIS, to include the  following components, as required by the project sponsors: employee database integration with LDAP, payroll system customization, timecard automation, recruitment workflow process, training integration as part of the employee career growth offerings, employee education on new HRIS. Project Deliverables The project team will execute the deliverables listed below, with the specified timeframe. Each deliverable has also been expanded upon within the attached spreadsheet (MGT2-Task1Milestones.xlsx). Acceptance Criteria The table below provides the acceptance criteria for each deliverable. The discovery phase requires an accurate inventory of software and hardware. The project manager will assess multiple HRIS systems available on the market, in conjunction with the business requirements.

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The Sin As A Crime And Sickness - 2259 Words

Christian theologians have tried to figure out the best way to interpret why people sin and how they should repent ever since the bible was written. Some theologians explain sin as a sickness, in which people are driven to do wrong by an unknown internal urge. Theologians also use the sin as a crime method to explain sin as defilement against God and Humanity (Taylor 54-57). In addition to the sin as a sickness or crime theories, some religious scholars say each theory should be used but both are never used in the same church (Taylor, 57-59). Although I agree that churches should include both sin as a crime and sickness, I don’t think both methods for explaining sin are used equally in churches. In fact, I think the sin as a crime theory is used more often than sin as a sickness. Accordingly, sin as a sickness ought to be emphasized as much as sin as a crime is, because the sinner will know they are not completely at fault. As a result of knowing the degree of their fault, the sinner will learn their true responsibility for their actions. Sin As a Crime and a Sickness Sin as a crime can be illustrated in various ways but always maintains specific themes: sin is viewed as an offense against God and Humankind, people attend church to face punishment for their wrong doings, and the cause for people’s sins is known. First of all, the popular theologian St. Augustine portrays sin a crime through a story from his childhood, in which his friends and him steal fruit for the soleShow MoreRelatedHow Does The Justice Of God Fit With The Love? Essay800 Words   |  4 Pagesjustice to the world’s justice. We look at our court systems and see how people can get away with a crime by bribing a judge. Erickson states that â€Å"The justice of God means that he is fair in the administration of his law. He does not show favoritism or partiality.† (p.101) God cannot be bribed or bought. The penalty for the crime must be paid. And the Bible tells us in Romans 6:23 â€Å"For the wages of sin is death†. (New International Version). S o how is God loving? 1 John 3:16 â€Å"This is how we knowRead MoreEssay on Guilt in Crime and Punishment1266 Words   |  6 PagesGuilt in Crime and Punishment  Ã‚   In Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky tells a story of a young man that has been forced out of his studies at a university, by poverty. In these circumstances, he develops his theory of an extraordinary man (Frank 62). This conjecture is composed of the ideas that all great men must climb over obstacles in their way to reach their highest potential and benefit human kind. In Raskolnikovs life, the great obstacle is his lack of money, and the way to getRead MoreSummary Of Dostoevskys Crime And Punishment792 Words   |  4 Pagesthe other it firmly grasps sickness, jealousy, and fear. In Dostoevskys work â€Å"Crime and Punishment† he uses yellow as an indicator for the sinfulness and filth that permeates and surrounds the characters. To compound the sinful filthy nature of the characters yellow also adopts the form of sickness, manifesting in both mental and physical states: a sentiment that is mirrored in Perkins Stetsons’ work â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† Dostoevskys depiction of sin and sickness is prevalent throughout hisRead MoreThe Pastor As A Nouthetic Counselor-1447 Words   |  6 Pagescounselors are only interested in feelings and attitudes, accepts and not frowns upon sin, does not give advice, and encourages a lack of responsibility. Nouthetic counselors on the other hand are rooted in the word and are guided by the Holy Spirit. Its proponents therefore listen in order to gather data about which to advise, show interest in the whole person, insist on clients being responsible, and require confession of sin. T I agree when Adams pointed out in this chapter that feelings cannot be alteredRead MoreThe Mrs. Andrea Yates Trial801 Words   |  3 Pagesher increasing responsibility for her children. He decided that his mother would come over in the mornings after giving Mrs. Yates an hour to be alone with them. On the morning of June 20, 2001during one of these hours, Mrs. Yates committed her crime. From the background information it is obvious to see that Mrs. Yates suffered from mental illness. Leading up to the murders she had stopped taking her medication because she and her husband wanted to have more children. This was also not recommendedRead MoreEssay on Make a Life Worth Living with Another Soul803 Words   |  4 Pagesimprove their lifestyle by moving to the New World. â€Å"Being thus left to our fortunes, it fortuned that within ten days, scarce ten amongst us could either go or well stand, such extreme weakness and sickness oppressed us† (Smith 72). They knew if they didn’t leave to the Americas then theyd die of sickness, not having enough of the essentials, nor their freedom. One good choice that the people made was to go to the Americas to seek help, get their freedom back, and to get away from the old dump theyRead MoreA Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess1410 Words   |  6 Pagesviolence at it’s very nature. However, upon closer exami nation, there are many references to religion, Christianity in particular. â€Å"A Clockwork Orange† is a testament to the importance of free will in God’s creation, and inspects the nature of evil/sin. The movie opens with Alex, the leader of a violent gang, and his ‘droogs’ (gang members) Pete, Georgie, and Dim, viciously attacking an old man singing in an alley. Committing violence gives them a sort of high, and they move onto another target.Read MoreThe Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne1127 Words   |  5 Pagesdo everything in his power to preserve and shield his real identity. To the citizens of the colony, Dimmesdale is an extremely sympathetic and holy reverend who strays from sin entirely, but behind closed doors it is clear that Dimmesdale is more than just upset with his character. This is evident because the guilt of his sin causes him to lash himself with a whip at night. It is hard to tell if Dimmesdale is a good person because on one hand, Dimmesdale wants to care for his daughter Pearl, butRead MoreAnalysis Of Equus By Peter Shaffer1214 Words   |  5 Pagesfurther depth. Consciousness and community are themes that reoccur in the classroom settin g and the classroom readings. Equus, by Peter Shaffer is a good example that relates to the course’s theme. In the reading Equus, Alan Strang commits a horrible crime. He stabs the eyes of six horses, blinding them, because he thinks they are watching him. Alan Strang’s mother, Dora Strang, tries to force her Christian beliefs onto Alan. His father, Frank Strang, blames his son’s bizarre actions on this. BecauseRead MoreThe Character of John Proctor, Elizabeth and Reverend Hale in The Crucible647 Words   |  3 Pagesone of the reasons John ended up having an affair with their servant, Abigail. Since then she has fired her, and the coldness in her relationship with John continued up until the witch trials. As shown in the story, this seems to be his only severe sin so she still believes him to be a good man otherwise. She later starts to blame herself as seen on page 126 for the incident and she lets John decide whether or not he wants to confess to witchery so that he may feel he has any good left in him. She