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Comtemparory Business Free Essays

There are many companies that make products that go head to head. Coca Cola and Pepsi are an example of such reveries. There has been many taste test and competitions that Involved the soda kings. We will write a custom essay sample on Comtemparory Business or any similar topic only for you Order Now This reverie has been going on for over a century. (See appendix 1) The start of this long standing soda war began 1 886 when creator John S. Pentameter developed the original recipe for Coke. Then 13 years later Pepsi creator pharmacist Caleb Abraham developed his formula. By this time Coca-Cola was already fulfilling order that totaled a million gallons per year. Coke hen continue to develop its iconic bottle in 1921, they then secured huge name endorsements deals, expanded to Europe and Cuba, Canada and Panama. In the Interim, peeps went bankrupt because of WI In 1923. Pepsi Is fully revived fully In 1931 and begin a campaign to rival coke back and forward. Although Pepsi never really tops Coke in soda sales the Pepsi Company is still more profitable than Coke due to their diversity of the many other products they sell. Coke spends a half a billion more on advertising than Pepsi. (See appendix 2) (Basin, 2013) Corporate Culture Performance with a purpose Is the PepsiCo corporate culture motto. The PepsiCo CEO, Indri K. Onion, states: Ethics and growth are connected is a broadly shared understanding in today’s business world. But these words appeared in the PepsiCo Annual Report back in 1968?just three years after the Pepsi-Cola Company and the Frito-Lay Company merged to form PepsiCo. It is a testament to how long we have treasured the belief that corporate capabilities and corporate character are not Just Integrated, but Inseparable. (Company T. P. 2013) Here she Is stating that ethics Is an Intricate part of PepsiCo culture and It has en for many, many years. This is before it has been before it has been set and a standard in the business world today. She goes on to speak about how this ideal has made Pepsi the innovator and leader in such areas from civil rights to scholarships to recycling. The Pepsi Company believes that its investment in the future by way of environmental protection, Investing back Into the community and performance with purpose keeps the company ahead of the global challenges shaping the industry. Coca Cola Company’s President and COO Glen Walter states that: Since our first odd fountain sales in 1886, we have been a driver of marketplace innovation and an investor in local economies. Today we lead the beverage industry with more than 500 beverage brands including four of the world’s top-five sparkling brands. But while our business opportunities are enormous, our commitment to our consumers and the communities In which we operate Is even greater. According to the website the company’s focus is Sustainability and growth. The company strives to continue to be a leader of the soda world. The mission statement reads: Our Roadman starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. To refresh the world†¦ To create value and make a difference. (company T. C. , 2013) It seems that the Coca Cola Co does not talk about it ties and comments to the community and the future but Just to the sustainability of the company. The advisements appear to be community based it does not seem to resonate through the corporate culture. The difference of corporate culture seems to be Pepsi seems to embody forwardness of the company and community since sass’s. Whereas n the other had Coca Cola seems to Just in the recent 20 years or so adopted the community with the development of its Coca Cola Foundation. Benefits of competition The battle between the two great giants has sparked new and innovative ways to stay above the competition. One example of a intense exchange that take place during the Cola Wars was Coca-Cola deciding to a strategic retreat minion, by publicizing its plans to bring back the original coke recipe after the introduction of New Coke. The wars also lead to Pepsi realizing that its grip on the soda world was not as evident ND they decided in 1965 to diversify and acquired ownership of Frito-lay Company. (Basin, 2013) Another benefit of the wars are the introduction in the late sass, Pepsi launched its most profitable long-term strategy of the Cola Wars, called Pepsi Stuff. This was a point system where Pepsi consumers drank Pepsi and received points to buy free Pepsi lifestyle merchandise. After researching the company launched the program and it gained instant success. Millions of patrons take part in the program. This move also made Pepsi highly popular and it outperformed Coke during the summer of the Atlanta Olympics which is in the hometown of Coke. Later in 2005 Coca-Cola and Pepsi started a â€Å"cyber-war† with the re-introduction of Pepsi Stuff in 2005 ; Coca-Cola strikes back with Coke Rewards. A third benefit is in 1985, Coca-Cola and Pepsi were launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. The companies had invented special cans to test packaging and dispensing systems for use in zero G conditions. The experiment was classified a failure by the shuttle crew, primarily due to the lack of both refrigeration and gravity. But this pushed the companies and it lead to the invention of the Coca-Cola fountain dispenser. (Russell, 012) Continue to Thrive I speculate that Pepsi will continue to bill there brand threw the food brand versus just focusing on the soda side of things. Coca Cola now is focusing plans to focus on build its brand throughout the world and community. The Journey is called Me, We and the world. The company has made the statement that they are committed to grow the business in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way. (Company T. C. , 2013) These statements are a part of their investment sustainability plan. The soda wars have gone on for centuries and although never company will admit o the ongoing competition, they both are innovators in the world of business and will continue to forge on to success. How to cite Comtemparory Business, Papers

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