Friday, October 25, 2019

America Needs Random Drug Testing in Schools Essay -- Essays on Drug T

Ron Rodriguez from County Academy used drugs every day to function. He became so wrapped up in his lifestyle of buying and selling drugs that he felt like a prisoner. His grades dropped below average. For 2 years, he asked for help saying, â€Å"Should I go see a therapist?† to anyone that would listen. Ron would flush his system out before the annual drug test, and pass. When County Academy decided to give random drug test instead of annual tests, Ron received the help he needed. The school counseled him, in privacy, and told him he needed to go to rehab. Ron received the help he needed because County Academy found a student whose life was being taken over by drugs and helped influence him to get the proper help he needed. Today, Ron attends County Academy as a junior; he is drug free. This story serves as a great example of how drug testing helps keep students away from using drugs. Drug testing students can help prevent the use of a mind altering substance. Testin g potentially offers guidance for logical decisions to be made. A school having random drug tests could help lessen drug use and offer help to those feeling controlled by substance addiction. Drug testing in schools are a potential way of enabling better brain development. Testing can teach a student about becoming employed, for most jobs require a drug test for pre-employment and future employment. Drug test teach students to be accountable for their own actions. Non-prescribed drugs are currently illegal for children and adults to use for personal satisfaction, such as achieving a euphoric state of mind or selling for profit. Drug testing in schools is a positive reinforcement on students. Testing for drugs among a student body can help prevent drug use. Pro... ... from poor efforts exerted in the classroom. Drug test are a positive reinforcement in helping students. Helping students find their full potential are a schools main goal. If random drug test would have been applied sooner at County Academy, Ron probably would have not had to suffer through drug addiction. If students would understand those drug tests are actually there to help them, they wouldn’t fear taking a drug test. Drug test are a positive reinforcement. Works Cited Walters, John P. "Student Drug Testing Is Necessary." Opposing Viewpoints: Privacy. Ed. Jamuna Carroll. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2006. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. University of West Alabama. 16 Mar. 2010 .

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