Tuesday, October 22, 2019

compare contrast essay Essays

compare contrast essay Essays compare contrast essay Essay compare contrast essay Essay Traveling by Bus Verses Traveling in an Airplane Even though traveling by bus and airplane will get you to your desired destination, the travel experience is very different from one to the other. When I lived in Chicago for a while I would make frequent trips to Ohio to visit my family; in doing so I used several means of transportation a few of them being by airplane and bus. I found that traveling by airplane was by far the best way to travel. A few reasons led me to hat conclusion whenever I traveled by air my trip was so much faster than by land; an airplane ride would typically take about 45 min as opposed to a bus ride which generally took as long as 5 to 6 hours. In a bus it almost always seemed crowded and tight making the seating arrangement uncomfortable, but in an airplane the way the seats are set up in a way that the person has his or her own space even though it may be crowded the seats are set apart Just enough that we dont feel as if though our personal space is being invaded. Another luxury of flying was the snack it was nice receiving the complimentary snack the airline had to offer, this was not given while riding on the bus consequently we were made to wait until the bus had to pull over at a rest stop and we had to rush in the rest area to grab a snack from the vending machines. In terms of cost a bus fare would be much less expensive than that ofa plane ticket. If I had to choose I would be willing to pay the extra cash in order to undergo a better travel experience.

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