Monday, November 11, 2019

Best Admissions Essay

0-4 Central Square Redhawks playing the 4-0 Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) on their homecoming. As a captain, you have to always be positive with your team and keep them going. You have to be the one to pick your brothers up when they need it, no matter how tragic something is. Football is a very physical sport as everyone knows, but what most people do not know is that it is actually just as much of a mental game. If a whole team comes together and believes they can do something, the odds are in their favor of succeeding. I knew that CBA was the best team around and had the most talent in the Central New York Area. Unfortunately, not everyone believed that we could succeed. By mid second quarter, we were down a whopping 42 points. We were sitting as a team in our auxiliary gym, feeling very disappointed. 0-5 is not the record we aimed for after working so hard in the weight room and on the practice field all summer. We had to make some important changes. Coach explained how we have a second chance. If we win our last two games (league games) we would go to sectionals. Going out with my parents and seeing all of my senior brothers were pretty emotional; though those emotions went away quickly though, as we knew what we had to do that night. To make sectionals, we had to win out, meaning not lose another game. Right before taking the field, we all came together in the locker room, and from that moment on everyone knew that we were going to make it happen. We all came together and each had the game of our lives. Film the next morning was exceptional, but we still got criticized for our mistakes as usual; to improve and get ready for next week. I was never so ready for a game. There is not a better game than playing our archrival CNS, it was a must-win to get into sectionals. The feeling was unbelievable; as our whole team knew we would go out and win that game. Pumping up my team with a speech that could make a grown man cry was the best way I knew to get us ready. When we first took the field in the second half, the frost on the before damp field felt like the frozen tundra. The breeze made it feel like winter already, with that Central New York arctic air creeping in. It felt like true football weather, as the second half was approaching. The start of the season wasn’t ideal, but leading a determined team to sectionals after starting 0-5 is the greatest feeling. We have made the best of what we could the last two games, as our hard work had paid off in a great way.

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