Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sales management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sales management - Case Study Example We have invested heavily in the sales force training by partitioning the program into two sections i.e. the individual training via the podcasts and the group training at regional level. However, this motivation program has failed terribly when it comes to establishing the effectiveness of the podcasts and the staff in general. Also, in line with failing to establish the effectiveness, the podcasts are extremely high hence paralyzing our dreams of profit making. I’m humbly submitting that the budget to this current motivation program be revised to ensure maximization of our productivity lines. Our staff ought to be motivated in order to increase on their productivity. The costs of funding the program as indicated above will be generated from the returns that will accrue from our service delivery which we as a company are guaranteed. For effectiveness and efficiency, the proposed motivation program will be subjected to a series of evaluation schemes that will work on the motivation program’s productivity. Any constraints will be fixed on the early stages to avoid failure. This new proposed motivation program does not in any way intend to change the previous program but its main aim is to improve on the productivity of our service men. I would like to inform you that Sales Action Software will soon be making history through our new proposed motivation program that will generally work on the productivity of our workers and the company as a

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