Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Psychology questions Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Psychology questions - Term Paper Example For Christian therapy and therapy in general, I think it’s necessary to, in a sense, disregard these findings and adopt a pro-active worldview that emphasizes the individual’s agency in facing and combating their psychic complications and dysfunctions. 2. I believe that Freud’s theories are an approximation of human nature and the use of his terms like ego defense mechanisms and the unconscious are not scientifically accurate. I think any therapy would benefit from the aspects of Freudian psychotherapy that seek to find the deep undercurrents of issues over a prolonged investigative period, but that it would be erroneous to believe that a therapeutic approach that doesn’t involve specific Freudian approaches and Freudian terminology is ineffective. 3. In reviewing Freud’s stage of psychosexual development I am drawn to the means by which individuals have set stages and struggles they must encounter in order to developmentally progress. While Freud is predominantly concerned with the childhood stages of development, he concludes his psychosexual stages of development with the genital phase which includes large portions of adolescence and young adulthood (Mitchell 1996). When I consider such stages in my own life I am drawn to the period after graduation from high school when I faced a sort of personal crisis as to my place in the world and maturity. I approached this life stage with determination and consistency in both school and my social life; I would apply these principles to my therapeutic approach as I believe they can be applied to a wide variety of developmental challenges. 4. Considering death from a spiritual standpoint, I believe that it is necessary for one to consider their own mortality and find a certain meaning or purpose in their life. I don’t think it’s necessarily essential that an individual embrace a belief in an afterlife, but that they understand that their time on Earth is limited and

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