Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Democracy and Greeces golden age essays

Democracy and Greeces golden age essays Democracy and Greeces Golden Age A golden age is a great time for a countries growth. A golden age is a time for learning and great achievements. It includes things like sculpture, poetry, science, math and architecture. Pericles was a man that started ruling Greece at a young age. He was a man that came from a rich and noble family. A wise and able statesman he led Greece form 461 to 429 Bc. He led the golden age for the 32 years he led. He was a honest skillful politician and a inspiring respected general. Pericles had three major goals for Athens. The first one was to strengthen Athenian democracy, it increased the number of public officials and it helped make a stronger democracy. To hold and strengthen the empire was the second one; he used money to build Athens a strong 200 ship navy. The third and final one was to glorify Athens, more money went to small navy and army, Parthenons wised gold marble and ivory. He really helped shape Athens and Greece. Greeks used classical art order balance and masterpiece of craftsmanship to style Greece. Design was not novel in style. Greek drama helped shape what we have in the modern days such as movies and plays on stage. Greeks invited Drama and built the first theater in the west. Tragedys is one example of Greek dramas. Tragedy drams were often about love, hate, war and betrayal. a tragic hero or a star as we would call them now is girl heroin. Comedies were another Greek drama. Comedies had scenes with slap stick situations. Theses situations often made people laugh. The plague rook place in 430 Bc. 1/3 to 2/3 of Greeks population died pericles son and wife were first killed from the plague then later on in the plague pericles later died. The Peloponnesian war was a major event in Ancient Greek history. Sparta declared was against Athens in 431 Bc. the war lasted 27 years from 431 Bc to 404 Bc. Athens eventually lost the war in the end...

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